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With a new theme and easy sharing to Facebook and Twitter, I Love Pop Culture comes with everything you need for fun.  Each puzzle has funky, imaginative illustrations for your viewing pleasure.  There are hundreds of puzzles and 3 different hints to choose from for each one.  You will be able to earn coins for completing levels.  These coins can be used to unlock hints to help you solve them, but when that doesn’t suffice, I Love Pop Culture Answers is right here.

The way it works is that there are two pictures above a list of letters of which you will have to mix and match until you find the right word(s) that the pictures are representing.  For example: a picture of red paint, and another of a bull, could be Red Bull.  Sometimes these can get tough, but don’t worry!  You’ll never miss another answer with this site.

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I Love Pop Culture Answers

I Love Pop Culture is a game created for for the pop culture lover in all of us. With hundreds of challenging levels, the player will always be occupied and amused. With new levels soon to come and old ones here to stay, I Love Pop Culture Answers will be the archive to any answers you search for on the app. You won't ever have to worry. So if you get stuck, or you just want to earn as many coins as possible, I Love Pop Culture Answers will help you achieve your goals of ultimately beating this game and all of its updates. We will keep the answers up to date when the app is updated so you can always come back in the future with the release of more and more levels.